Wherever we go, we cause a stir!


The Little Coffee Van is a compact and bijou mobile barista service, deploying our classic Italian Piaggio Ape mobile coffee cart.  Our head-turning, three-wheeled dynamo of a mobile coffee van can be hired to buzz into branded events and hospitality in London and all over the UK, giving you an on-the-spot, speciality coffee experience.  For indoor events, book our professional mobile barista hire, including pop up coffee stand, mobile coffee bars, filter coffee station and we'll dispense gorgeous coffee before we're on our barista-driven way. We'll make sure we leave happy clients and consumers in our wake.  Because, wherever we go… we cause a stir!

The Little Coffee Van - In Plain White 

Shop openings/promotions,office & workplace hospitality, launch events, staff treats, film, photo or video shoot crews, film prop,showroom and venue entrances, press days/product launches, corporate hospitality, catering events,private events, breakfast events,street marketing, outdoor promotional tours and experiential activities, festivals, fashion events, music events,weddings, recruitment, exhibitions, conferences.
• 2-group dual-fuel commercial espresso machine, high quality coffee grinder and all associated barista equipment.
• On-board independent power or connections to hook up to onsite electricity. Water tank with filtration, sink and waste facility.
• Smart, engaging and experienced professional events baristas.
• Serves up to 350 hot drinks over 8 hours service.
• Ethically sourced speciality grade coffee from independent specialty roasters, ethically-sourced quality black teas, herbal and fruit infusions and vegan friendly high grade hot chocolate. Dairy milk and dairy free alternative - Oat. 
• All ingredients, consumables and disposables included.
Branding options available
• Up to eight branded magnetic panels
• 8oz double-walled branded takeaway cups

Power requirement
A 3kw double plug socket. In more remote locations, it can run independently on LPG gas, batteries and inverter.

Dimensions & Weight
Length 2.5m (3.5m with service table) x 1.5m width x 1.6m high, approx. weight 400kg fully laden.

Our Story

Since 2009, we have operated our small, pop up, independent mobile coffee van with a clear vision: to do it better and offer higher standards in presentation, execution and meeting clients' requirements. This includes well thought through event planning, logistics, client and customer service, barista skills, high quality equipment, product and ingredients that deliver a superior range of drinks. Being passionate, a bit geeky, taking care, being/sourcing ethically, organically wherever possible, eco friendly and always retaining a strong sense of quirkiness and fun. Above all, we love what we do.

It is possible to deliver (virtually anywhere in the UK) a professional mobile barista hire, with an on-the-spot speciality coffee experience served directly to guests and consumers.

But it hasn’t stopped there. We constantly strive to develop, evolve and implement fresh ideas with solutions that meet clients’ and consumers requirements. It’s about sourcing quality equipment, product and ingredients, our own continuous training, knowledge gaining, and working with like-minded people.

With the experience and expertise already gained in delivering and operating a high quality coffee service for events in diversified types of work and environments, our clients' appreciate our pro-active approach and getting involved in their brief. This means giving feedback, ideas and problem-solving solutions, in order to ensure their event runs as smoothly and successfully as possible and that their objectives are met.


Mobile Coffee Bars
    Pop-Up Coffee Stand
   Filter Coffee Station 

 It’s all about being mobile, agile, versatile and forever evolving. It’s about coming to your indoor space and recommending a solution that meets  your requirements. We’ll make your speciality coffee experience to go, in a friendly, professional and attentive manner.

In fact wherever and however we do it, we’ll do it brilliantly!

Branded Events

We’re passionate about our coffee for events and understand that getting your brand noticed is just as important.

We can be your billboard! Hire us for your branded event to make the most of our visibility and create a lot of attention of your own. Find out how to brand us, dress us, accessorise us and colour us in, using the mobile coffee van, mobile coffee bars, pop up coffee stand, coffee cups and even branded bespoke biscuits.

Ethically minded

• Ethically sourced, premium paying speciality grade coffee roasters
• Fair-trade, Rainforest Alliance and ethically sourced tea selection
• Ethically sourced vegan friendly quality hot chocolate cocoa
• Fair-trade sugar
• Vegware commercially compostable cups  

• Supporting UK independent speciality coffee roasters
• Dairy-free vegan friendly alternative milks
• Composting coffee grounds and cups
• Recycling as much as we can
• Eco friendly coffee van – towed and rarely driven
• We are an environmentally minded business with like minded suppliers